Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in Business

I've been MIA lately because I didn't have a laptop. My desktop is as old as dirt and soooooo slow - which means it's so frustrating to work on it. But I finally went and bought a new laptop from Best Buy so now we're back in business!


Hopefully the blogging will come back to me now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Long overdue birthday update

It's been over a month since my birthday but I still wanted to do a quick update on it because it was so great.

Some of my friends came into town to surprise me for my birthday. We hung out at the house and Celia cooked dinner for us and we talked and ate lots of carrot cake.

The High School Musical birthday sign Chris got me.

My very serious husband with one of my two carrot cake birthday cakes (they know me so well...).

The hydrangeas Lydia and Collin brought me (goes towards my flowers 101 goal which I'm so behind on).
The next morning we went to brunch at Moonshine Grill. It was my first time there so I got to count it for my 101. Their brunch is so yummy...I loved how everything was in little bit sized pieces so you could try a lot and not feel like you were wasting food. Can't wait to go back.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

#64 - Voted today

California Citizens Take Part In Early Voting

I voted early today. I highly recommend it to those that haven't voted yet. I love that you can vote at any location in your county. This is extremely important to me because my voting location is way out in BFE Southeast Travis County and I never go out that way. So going to the HEB a mile from my office on my lunch break is way more convenient for me.

Bonus to voting early: there weren't any annoying campaign people outside the voting location stalking you as you go in and out of the voting location!

So my 101 goal was to research and make an informed decision on voting for president. This was a lot harder than I expected but I made sure to keep an open mind through the whole process - and even watched 3 out of the 4 debates. When I wasn't sure what to do I finally decided to pick one issue that's important to me and base my decision off that. Right now the most important thing is me keeping my job (ie - getting the economy back in good standing). Communication jobs are often the first to get cut because the ROI is often hard to show. I did detailed research and made my decision off that.

But then after I stressed and stressed about it I realized it doesn't really matter anyway. Afterall, I live in Texas - and thanks to the electorial college - my vote automatically becomes a McCain vote. So why did I waste my time??? (this is rhetorical) Gotta love the national election process.

P.S. - Here is the info for Travis County early voting locations.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long Time No See

I knew this fall would keep me busy and and tired - but still sad I haven't had time to blog. I've missed my blog and now I'm sooooooo far behind on stuff I need to update. I haven't even had time to keep up with all the blogs I follow (which is even more sad!).

So even though I don't have time to follow blogs as much right now...I still managed to find a new one to follow (how does that happen?). And I want to share the love - because it's really funny.

I somehow found this book at the library called Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. I just started the book but so far I'm in love. I can already see she'll become my new obsession. I'll have to read all her books and go back and read her archived blog until I know every damn thing about her.

So go on - read the the blog...and become obsessed with me so I have someone to talk to about it and won't be obsessed by myself!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Austin is Spaztastic!

#34 - do something Austin-y

Last weekend was a unique experience for me - I had the house to myself and nothing on the schedule for the entire weekend. This is so unbelievably rare for me. And even though I planned on camping out on the couch in PJs all weekend eating mac n cheese and ice cream, I found myself itching for something more by Saturday morning. So I called up my friend Monica and we ended up hanging out and knocking some 101 goals off the list.

1. Four Hands Sale

Who knew a furniture sale would be so awesome? But it really was. Four Hands is a wholesale furniture company, so they aren't usually open for the public. However, several times a year they have a big warehouse sale and you can buy leftovers for great prices. Monie went with me to see what all the fuss was that we'd heard about. All I can say is "Damn, wish I was a lottery winner so I could buy everything they had there!" I couldn't believe the awesome prices they had for such quality furniture. It's hard to find solid wood furniture pieces these days - and for the normal price as the crappy furniture - it was amazing. So now that I know what to expect - I hope to have a bank account full and ready for spending when they have their next sale!

Chandelier Monie was drooling over.

2. Saw Spasmatics in Concert
After spending the whole afternoon together, Monie and I just hadn't had enough of each other. So we headed downtown to Cedar St so she could enlighten me to the fabulousness that is the Spasmatics. I've been to many concerts in my day, but I'd have to say that this was my second favorite concert ever (no one will ever beat Willie Nelson).

Meet my new crush - Geoffrey on the bass (on the left)

Who knew nerds could be so popular and cool and have groupies???? You just want to pinch their cheeks. I seriously can't wait to go see them again. It's so brilliant and strange and funky and weird that it has to be considered Austin-y. Wanna see them for yourself? They play at Cedar St every Wednesday night - go check them out!

The gravy on the night: they sang my favorite song (please watch the original video just so you can see the grown men in black diapers - gotta love the 80s).

Monie and I after a long day of taking in Austin

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is Here...

....and so begins the busiest time of my year. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Over the past 5 years (since I've been with Chris) I've had to re-fall in love with this season. I've always been a warm bodied person - drinking in the warmth of the sun in the summer. But I loved fall too for various reasons - Aggie football, get to wear long sleeved clothes, not dying of heat when I get in my car, can walk my dog outside, get to make comforting foods like chili, etc.

But then there were a few years where I just loathed this time of year. Why you ask? Because for some crazy reason I married into a Christmas tree growing family! I don't know how many times I've asked myself over the years, "How come you couldn't marry into a lazy family??? Why do they have to be so productive???" The answer (I now know) is - passion.

It's the passion that Chris' parents have for the farm and the Christmas trees and the pumpkins and school kids and the families that come out to visit the farm. And the past couple of years I've grown to feel that passion myself. So now, instead of complaining that I don't have any time to do anything in the fall, I.....oh who am I kidding...I still complain. I'm the queen of complaining! Just ask my husband.

Look at how my weekends play out between now and 2009:

Sept 27 - My birthday! Woohoo!
Oct 4 - Our 2nd anniversary - weekend up at the lake house
Oct 11 - Great Pumpkin Hunt
Oct 18 - Great Pumpkin Hunt again
Oct 25 - Great Pumpkin Hunt and again
Nov 1 - Monie's party/most likely recovering from sinus infection I got while working on the farm
Nov 15 - Hopefully visiting my adorable nephew in Sugar Land that by now I haven't seen in ages and probably has totally forgotten all about his favorite Auntie Katy
Nov 22 - Only free weekend (so far it's free but I'm sure it'll get filled with something)
Nov 29 - Thanksgiving weekend up at the farm/actually get to watch Aggie vs t.u. game this year since it is on Thanksgiving instead of when the farm is open
Dec 6 - VERY busy weekend on the farm
Dec 13 - Christmas tree farm
Dec 20 - Still at the Christmas tree farm
Dec 27 - Probably in Sugar Land celebrating Gavin's first Christmas
Jan 3 -'s finally 2009! Am I still alive?

p.s. - Please come visit me on the farm. It's the only way I get to see my friends and family (besides in laws) this time of year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Girly Movies

It is a VERY rare occasion that I get the house to myself all weekend long. While I'm often out abandoning my husband on weekends to travel to see some friend or family member, he's the type that just wants to stay home. So when he left this past weekend for a seminar down in Corpus - I took FULL advantage of this opportunity.

I had my PJs, mac n cheese, bottle of wine and ice cream on hand to help me through the weekend. I plopped myself down on the couch and settled in to catch up on various girly shows on DVR (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, etc - yes I still think I'm 17 on the inside).

I also made sure to watch as many girly movies as I could while Chris was gone. Little trick - have you tried the Red Box before? If not, don't be intimidated by it like I was at first. It's easy. Red boxes can be found in places like McDonald's and Wal Mart. They have all sorts of new release DVDs that you can rent for $1 a day. You just swipe your card, pick a movie, watch it and return it to any Red Box location by 9 p.m. the next day. If you keep it longer than that, they just charge you another $1 a day. It's so simple and cheap! So this weekend I rented 2 girly movies from the Red Box.

(ppssssttt - I also saw Mama Mia! again this weekend but I won't count that towards my 100 movies. Just couldn't stay away from it and all its ABBA glory)

1. Made of Honor

With McDreamy in the movie, it has to be good, right? wasn't bad. But let's just say I'm glad I only spent a buck on the movie. I think if the ending hadn't felt so rushed, it might have been better.

2. What Happens in Vegas

I liked this one a lot more...but not like "rush out to buy it on DVD" more. Let's just say I was happy I saw it and it totally fulfilled my need for a cheesy romantic comedy.


I also saw a bonus movie this weekend. Wasn't planning on it, but when I saw Annie Hall was going to be on AMC Sunday afternoon - I had to make sure I watched it. It's one of those movies you always hear about and know that you aren't cool until you've watched it. I have to admit, I was a little nervous - afraid I wasn't smart enough for the movie. But that was silly - I loved it.

Top 10 reasons why I love Annie Hall:
10. The part where Alvy and Annie are having a conversation and there is subtitles of what they're really thinking - reminded me of the first Wayne's World movie when Wayne and Cassandra have a similar scene. Then I felt silly for remembering that...and comparing one of AFI's 100 Best Movies to Wayne's World...
9. How Alvy grew up in a house under a roller coaster
8. Wasn't expecting to see Paul Simon in the movie
7. The fast dialogue
6. The scene where Annie and Alvy are visiting their separate therapists at the same time and both therapists ask if they have enough sex and Alvy responds "hardly ever - maybe three times a week" and Annie responds "constantly - like three times a week!" It was like looking into a mirror. haha
5. That Christopher Walken is creepy - even in a romantic comedy
4. The scene where Alvy is killing the spider the size of a Buick in Annie's bathroom
3. That I still don't know why Alvy and his agent call each other Max
2. "Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's" - Alvy
And my #1 reason...when Alvy sneezes into the canister of cocaine and it goes all over the place. hysterical!